Truck / tractor Trailer Door Safety equipment

Easy Latch Back is the safety device for doors to ensure they are secured in an open position for safety and ease in loading and unloading semi-trailers.  Easy Latch Back eliminates door loss (with proper use) and is easy to maintain with a grease fitting for long-lasting effortless use.  Saves time and money in replacement doors, graphics and insurance claims.

SDL-1 accommodates regular trailers while SDL-1R accommodates regular or refrigerated vans. Pre-assembled rugged construction grease fitting for long-lasting, effortless use.

  • Truck / Tractor Trailer Door Safety EquipmentSafety device for holding semi-trailers doors open 
  • Stainless steel latch bar
  •  ⅞” heavy-duty jam nut holds the system in place
  •  Only one ⅞” mounting hole required for installation
  •  Approximately 36” from the back of the trailer
  •  Drill the hole between the frame-rails


SDL-1 - Body:  14.5” long, 1” diameter
             Latch Bar:  7.5” out, .5” diameter
SDL-1R - Body:  14.5” long, 1” diameter
               Latch Bar:  10.5” out, .5” diameter

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Easy Latch Back Door Safety Device for loading and Unloading Semi-trailers










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