Cargo Holders / Retainers For Trucks / Semi-trailer Safety

Tomlinson Manufacturing's Cargo Retainer CR-001 (Patent Pending) is a high-quality, adjustable cargo holder for trucks, semi-trailers, and tractor trailers. The cargo holder works with e-tracks and is adjustable to safely and securely hold cargo in place during transportation.
Adjustable Cargo Retainer / Holder for Trucks, Semi-trailers Improves Safety

  • Cargo Retainer CR - 001 (Patent Pending)
  • Safely and securely transport cargo and ensure it arrives in perfect condition
  • Adjustable and works with e-track accessories
  • Attaches to E-Track horizontally to securely hold cargo in place during transport. 
  • Powder-coated steel construction
  • Strap included - cargo strap rated at 1200 lbs.
  • Dimensions: (Mounted section to E-Track)  13” long x 4” tall x 2” wide (deepest)  
  • Arm extends to 22”
  • Cargo holder / retainer for trucks semi-trailers, and tractor trailers

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Additional Cargo Holder Photos:

Cargo Retainer - Safely and Securely Transport Cargo and Ensure it Arrives in Perfect Condition


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