Component / Part Manufacturing Services

Component / Part Manufacturing Services (Indianapolis)There’s currently a boom in manufacturing in the U.S.  Whether this is due to increased costs due to import shipping, or a general rise in conscientious capitalism, there’s a demand for U.S. made products.  

Tomlinson invests in technologies and systems to keep manufacturing costs low and to allow agility to meet the ever-increasing and changing demands of today.  We specialize in prototype runs and low to medium size production volumes.

We make stuff and can help you make stuff - meaning high-quality components!

Manufacturing Services include: 

  • Component / Part Manufacturing (small or large quantities)
  • CNC Machining (small run or larger part quantities)
  • CNC Turning, Milling, and Fabrication
  • Design and Prototyping
  • Manufacture to print
  • First article runs available
  • Short Run Manufacturing
  • Contracts available but not necessary
  • Scheduled deliveries available
  • Packaging to customer requirements
  • Kan Ban
  • ID, Lot, or other identifying label cut into the specific part