Large, Custom Wire and Cable Racks

Our large wire racks (reel or spool holders) are designed specifically to customer needs. Using simulation, we determine load capacity, space requirements, and any additional details required by the customer to design the best possible solution to fit their electrical wire / cable storage needs. Finishes (powder coating / paint) are available as well.

  • Custom Wire Racks (large)Custom designed wire racks
  • Heavy duty, industrial strength
  • Large size to meet your electrical wire / cable needs
  • Designed based on load capacity, space requirements, storage needs
  • Custom Cable Racks (large)Finish / color options available
  • Can accommodate bulk wire /cable storage needs
  • Other names for wire racks include wire reel holders, spool holder, reel racks, wire spool racks, cable storage system, cable reel holders

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Additional Wire Rack Photos:
Custom Wire Spool / Wire Rack

Custom Wire Reel / Spool Holder

Custom Wire Spool Rack (Reel Holder Cable Storage Equipment)


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