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“I am glad I product searched a little deeper than just the usual Home Depot and Lowes websites.  It seems after I added “American made” to search for a “wire caddy”, your product appeared.  I look forward to using it on wiring my next three outbuilding projects.  I like to run conduit, then pull wire before I insulate walls and sheetrock finish them.  That way if a wiring problem ever occurs say from a lightning strike surge or other wiring failure, new wires could be pulled through without tearing out finished sheetrock.  In the past, I have pulled wire through electrical conduits with three rolls of #12 wire on a section of ½” EMT tubing, suspended from rafters with ¼” rope.”

- Laurence Allen (Lillian, Alabama)

“Great people at Tomlinson Manufacturing!

They build some custom stuff out of metal for us when we need it and they always go the extra mile. They know machining and component manufacturing."

- Armando P. (Indianapolis, Indiana)

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